Coworking: It's not just for new businesses

Small business incubators and coworking spaces like SpringBoard are an obvious fit for new business owners. They provide low-cost office solutions for business owners that aren’t ready to take the financial leap into owning or renting their own space yet.

However, spaces like SpringBoard are also a perfect fit for professionals who work remotely, no matter what the business or industry. These professionals might find themselves working in roles as independent contractors, as writers or editors, or working for online-based businesses.

For professionals in these roles, coworking spaces offer a lot more than just a nice chair and desk to sit at:


There’s power in a collaborative working. Incubators and coworking spaces across the nation give professionals a space to connect with other professionals. You’ll have the opportunity to bounce your ideas off of like-minded individuals and connect with people that have a similar skill set. In many cases, those connections can turn into business leads.


Working from home is usually a convenient way to work, however, it can be a challenge to stay focused and finish tasks. Shared work spaces like SpringBoard provided the conveniences of home, like a kitchenette, a private space to make phone calls, and fast, high-speed internet.

Plus, SpringBoard is conveniently located right in downtown Bellefonte, close to food, coffee shops and the beautiful Talleyrand Park, perfect for taking a stroll in during a creative block or mental burnout.

“While we tend to focus more on the value of incubators for entrepreneurs, they're also a great fit for a variety of professionals.  The co-working space SpringBoard offers is a unique opportunity for individuals who work remotely by providing them a space outside their house or a coffee shop where they can focus and get more accomplished,” said Shannon Wright, Keystone Community Development Coordinator for Bellefonte Borough.

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