Bellefonte SpringBoard: A year in review

As a part of the mission of Bellefonte SpringBoard and Downtown Bellefonte Inc., we aim to help small business owners and entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground. Within 12 to 18 months, it is our hope that they’ll move into spaces in our beautiful downtown, and continue to grow the local economy.

Bellefonte’s downtown is already booming with unique businesses, offering a variety of products and services. SpringBoard’s members can only enhance our downtown community.

In 2018, SpringBoard held 15 events, not including monthly Ask A Lawyer/Ask A Banker opportunities for local entrepreneurs, and countless workshops held by members within the space.

Having opened in late 2017, many businesses are well on their way to giving back to downtown Bellefonte, and one business has even graduated. That business is Hello Social Co.

Hello Social was SpringBoard’s first member in October of 2017. Owner Ellen and her team moved out of the space in January 2019 and into a street-facing office space on High Street in Bellefonte. This social media marketing agency provides social media management solutions and social media to its clients.

To cap off the year, was the 2018 SpringBoard Startup Challenge, a challenge open to businesses that were less than 3-years-old, as well as to aspiring entrepreneurs who might not have even started their business yet.

Contestants submitted a summary of their business plan and a marketing plan that detailed how they would use any funds awarded to them from the contest. Hello Social took part as a Bellefonte-based agency representative, alongside Loaded Creative and 3twenty9 Design. The winners are now amongst 8 members using the unique coworking space.

By becoming a member of SpringBoard, you get access to a host of amenities, connections through partnerships and more. What membership option is right for you?

Ellen Matis