Opportunity: You look like you could use a coworking space

Coworking isn’t just for startups and entrepreneurs, which is the common misconception. Coworking also isn’t just for extroverts. In fact, the fastest growing segment of their business is members who work for large corporations. Small businesses also represent a growing segment of coworking space users. And while many spaces are built for socialization, others are designed for independent work.
When you put creative and active minds in one place the energy is abounding. At Bellefonte SpringBoard, members and visitors alike share perspectives on many levels of business. SpringBoard could be your home to share with a diverse range of members with unique insights.

So who might be a good fit?

Freelancers, those in the IT, PR and sales industries, small teams, or even those just looking for a place to hold meetings.
There’s something magnetic about surrounding yourself with like-minded people and working under the same food. The friendships and connections you have the potential to make often lead to new clients, partners or even investors that will help you take your business to the next level. Even if you’re not sure how big your team will be be months from now, co-working spaces don’t lock you into a long term contract. Add in some Wifi and great amenities and you’re on the way to seeing your productivity soar. 
If you love what you do and want to love where you work, then Bellefonte SpringBoard is for you. The knowledge each member brings to the space is an invaluable resource.

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