Bellefonte SpringBoard: What our members are saying

In just a few months, SpringBoard has morphed into a space where members love to come to work, collaborate with each other and meet new entrepreneurs. Today, our members share what they love Bellefonte SpringBoard and all it has to offer.
Bellefonte SpringBoard is a special place because after more than six months of preparation, the incubator opened in May of 2017 with a ceremony attended by more than 50 local and state politicians, stakeholders and residents. SpringBoard is the sixth business incubator in the county.
The members of Bellefonte SpringBoard offer a variety of services to Centre County and beyond. As of July, SpringBoard has six members who use the space who have access to a host of amenities, connections through partnerships, and more, in addition to drop-in members that use the space to work remotely occasionally. 
Dana Ray, of Dana M. Ray Consulting, utilizes the space. Dana centers on the idea that bringing congruency and alignment between the things we make and the central-story of who we are is critical for doing work that matters. 

“It’s been helpful, as I’ve started my business, to know that I have a place to go on days I get stir-crazy and my home office won’t cut it anymore,” she says about SpringBoard.

Many of our members are Centre County professionals, entrepreneurs, start-up companies or early stage firms who all began by working from their homes and now enjoy the flexibility of the coworking space.
She continued, “I'd love to see more creative businesses make Bellefonte their home. Just on High Street alone there is a flower shop, a branding agency, a tattoo parlor, a dance studio, a pub, and a photography studio. And those are just what you can see in storefront spaces! There's way more beyond that!”
Shawn Henfling, of Captured Chaos Photography, is another member of the space. Captured Chaos Photography is a full service studio and on-location photography company serving all of Central Pennsylvania. Owner Shawn Henfling offers a variety of photography services, from family portraits to boudoir photos and weddings to birthday parties.
Shawn says, “I'm hoping that I'm able to give as much back to the Springboard as I get, so while my goals are to build my business and hopefully gain enough momentum to hire help, it's also to provide value and service to the businesses I share the space and community with. I'm thrilled to see it growing, and bringing different businesses in will help us all by providing new perspectives and networking opportunities.”
And there is room for more members.

As a photographer, Shawn says, “I think I'd like to see us gain an event and/or wedding planner. I could see us being able to team up and provide a one stop shop and referral place for prospective clients. All in all, I think the Springboard is a valuable asset that should provide great ROI for the community. I'm honored and grateful to be a part of it.”

Dana offers this advice to those considering becoming a member: “SpringBoard can act as a front door to this dynamic and creative community. It's an affordable place in an amazing landscape with easy access to everything that the larger networks in State College affords.”

Author: Katey Crean, Hello Social Co.