The freedom of freelance gigs

There are many types of freelancers, and they all share the freedom and flexibility to work on their own schedule.


A freelancer gets to decide what work to take on and how much, while setting their own hours. Almost every type of service a business would need could be provided by a freelancer.  And like any new adventure there are risks and rewards.

Working as a freelancer means you are able to get started quickly. It is very possible to continue working your day job as you get your services on its feet. There is also a high demand for help. The competition may be growing in the freelance world, but so is the need for reliable freelancers who provide quality.
It can be tricky to build a steady clientele, at least enough to support you and your family. Work can be irregular so be sure to plan for the slow periods and be ready to deliver when work is flowing. 
To get started, of course you have to decide things like what you will offer, who you will target, how much you’ll charge, and you’ll need to develop a brand for yourself and start establishing connections to reach out to find clients. The real question is, where will you do that all from?
The flexibility of being a freelancer means you could work from home. But what if you had the opportunity to go someplace that was designed to aid entrepreneurs in getting their businesses off the ground?
A business incubator is an organizations geared toward speeding up the growth and success of startup and early stage companies. In fact, these incubators double a startup’s chance of success. In Bellefonte, the SpringBoard does just that.
“As a new business owner, it’s kind of difficult to navigate all of the things that you have to do,” Ellen Matis, the first applicant of this co-working space, told WTAJ. Ellen is the owner of Hello Social Co., a startup in its first year that aims to help small businesses with social media and marketing strategies. “I think that the incubator can be an awesome opportunity for me to not only learn more about those things, but to have some help along the way.”

The SpringBoard facility is equipped with ample desk and co-working space, in addition to a variety of other amenities that cater to business owners and professionals alike. And we know that entrepreneurship isn’t always 9 to 5. “That's why we provide our members with 24 hour access to the facility with an electronic key security system.”

By becoming a member of the Bellefonte business community, you're gaining access to a community of entrepreneurs helping other entrepreneurs. 

Freelancing is a fast and affordable way to get started working as your own boss from where ever. With that said, the success comes from those who plan their business and deliver high quality work. 

Author: Katey Crean, Hello Social Co.