Spring your idea into action

You may have heard about our recent contest opportunity, the SpringBoard Startup Challenge. If there was an aspiring entrepreneur with a great idea who hadn’t taken the next step towards reaching their goals yet, or a fairly new business owner that could use a little extra cash to market their business, we encouraged them to enter.

We then awarded three startups a combined $7,000 in prizes along with three memberships to utilize SpringBoard. The winning startups were chosen based on their submission of a thorough and achievable marketing plan.  

SpringBoard manager Ellen Matis told Centre County Gazette, “These winners will now have the opportunity to work from SpringBoard and really focus on the growth of their respective businesses. This, in turn, helps SpringBoard's overall mission of promoting economic development in downtown Bellefonte. It is our hope that, through the awards, they'll be able to get their business in a place where, someday, they can give back to Bellefonte in the form of becoming permanent businesses within our community.”

If you, too, are looking at starting up a new business or growing their current one in the New Year, SpringBoard is a great place to start. 

Any kind of professional has a place with us. Business incubators provide a place for you to be the professional running your own business you’ve always dreamed of being, while doing your work in a coworking environment at a fraction of the cost of a traditional office.

Any job that can be done from home or on the road can be even more successful at SpringBoard, thanks to the reduced cost to tenants of overhead such as office space, internet, copy and print, and access to a conference room with a digital presentation system.

You don’t have to choose between meeting clients in your living room or paying for overhead your business isn’t ready to support. SpringBoard can also be a place where you take your work for more productivity, and leave at the door at the end of the day.


Ellen Matis