Resolution: Spring your idea into action

 The new year is coming, so you’re probably thinking about your resolutions right? If not, it’s never too early to get started, especially if you have the mindset of an entrepreneur.

Starting a business is a process that involves many steps when you’re on your own, but with a coworking space you could find yourself staying organized and on track while you’re in the first steps to achieving success.

Make sure you’re on the right path by asking yourself why you want to start a business. Your answer will help you narrow your focus and get you thinking and planning. And then there’s the money aspect. 

If you’re starting the process of creating a start-up, you know that the cost isn’t cheap. And if you will be looking for financing then a business plan is in your future. The good news is that a business plan acts as your roadmap and you’ll feel better having one in your hands as you get the ball rolling. You’ll also be able to use it in the future as a tool to manage how your business grows and achieves its goals.


Looking down the line when your business plan is in stone, you’ve secured your financing, and you’re ready to go, you’ll still need a location. While a great location won’t necessarily guarantee your success, it can be a good contribution.  

A coworking space could be the right asset for you. You’ll make connections and form relationships, and once you’ve gained traction these spaces have the option and flexibility to move on to your own location.

Whether this is your first or third business, expect for hiccups along the way. It’s natural and, if you learn from the bumps in the road, beneficial. Be open-minded, creative, adaptive, and have fun. Because this is your business, you’ll get to decide what you want to do and where you’ll grow.


If you’re looking for an opportunity to get you started, SpringBoard is awarding two startups a combined $5,000 in prizes along with two memberships to the space. The winning startups will be chosen based on their submission of a thorough and achievable marketing plan.


Ellen Matis