Digital nomads: The new generation

While you’re reading this, the chances are you’re sitting in a coworking space. And if you’re not-- maybe you should be.

People need people. Coworking spaces are here to stay and revolutionize the way we live and work as well as consume traditional services through shared economics (driving, eating, living and succeeding). What makes them so convenient is that these spaces are virtually accessible almost anywhere. In fact, coworking spaces are the perfect location for a digital nomad because since 2017 the number of these spaces increased to over 4,000 in the United States.

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So, what is a digital nomad?

A digital nomad is a type of person who uses telecommunications technologies to earn a living-- in a nomadic manner. These workers often work remotely.

For many, this lifestyle means they can work a flexible schedule from anywhere in the world and spend as much time with their family and friends as possible, while making at least the same salary they did in their corporate job. For others, it manes creating a business they can scale and sell.

The beauty of being a digital nomad is that you can define success in any way that works for you. Some people enjoy the idea of roaming free wherever they please and working for themselves. There are disadvantages to be mindful of though. Be honest with yourself when determining the pros and cons. If you are comfortable with a certain level of uncertainty and instability, the digital nomad path is for you.

Recently, the New York Times found that most industries are embracing remote work.

Set yourself up for success. You don’t want to limit how you can explore the places you have the opportunity of traveling to, so that you are able to enjoy all the perks of the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to build.

Author: Katey Crean, Hello Social Co.

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