A Business Bargain: How Incubators Save Money

One of the most crucial things a new startup can do to aid its success and growth is save money. When a business is in its beginning phases, money is a commodity that determines whether a business thrives or sinks. Businesses need to save every penny they can for unforeseen circumstances, costly opportunities or slow times which can rock their little sailboat in a turbulent ocean. 

While startups may need a lot of things, expensive retail space and luxurious furniture are not necessary to rake in the profits. It is always about quality, not quantity, when it comes to business. Business incubators offer the most quality for the smallest investment.


A big, frequent mistake in business is seeing the phrase “saving money” and taking it to mean “not spending.” While it is important to be frugal, the expression “you have to spend money to make money” is equally vital. Conserving resources and minimizing costs also means using available funds wisely.

At business incubators like SpringBoard, an investment into something as seemingly simple as a work space is an investment in the future of businesses. The affordable facilities of a business incubator open a world of possibilities for startups and give them access to a professional foundation for their endeavors.


Every entrepreneur needs a little help in the beginning. Finding the means to embark on a new business venture is a big part of the push it takes for entrepreneurs to find their footing. Many business incubators provide the perfect opportunity for new businesses and entrepreneurs to have affordable overhead.

At an incubator, starting out with a professional forefront without overstretching funds becomes possible. More than 1,000 business incubators exist in the United States alone, which means these incubators are nests for young companies to use while they find their way into the business world without spending more than they can afford until they are big enough to leave and make it on their own.

In almost all cases, participation in a business incubator enables entrepreneurs to leverage resources that would otherwise be unavailable to a startup.

SpringBoard is one of these incubators that offer entrepreneurs exactly the open work spaces, trainings and workshops and various resources and methods of support startups need. Tenants receive access to services, networks and professionals that can help their business succeed, and SpringBoard offers it all for a bargain price.

Here's what's included in a SpringBoard membership:

  • Low cost, professional office space
  • High speed Internet
  • Conference room
  • Kitchenette
  • Access to professional networks
  • 24 hour access with electronic security key system
  • A community of entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs

SpringBoard is just 12 miles from Penn State University, 7 miles from the university park airport, and conveniently located along interstates I-80 and I-99.

The County seat, Bellefonte has a network of business support resources, philanthropists and a growing professional population at the center of PA’s second fastest growing County. SpringBoard is in Downtown Bellefonte, steps away from a variety of eateries, shops, and the beautiful Talleyrand Park.

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Author: Alexandria Mansfield, Hello Social Co.