Any kind of professional has a place at SpringBoard

Business incubators provide a place for you to be the professional running your own business you’ve always dreamed of being, while doing your work in a coworking environment at a fraction of the cost of a traditional office.

So, maybe a doctor isn’t the best candidate for a coworking business incubator like SpringBoard. But there are a number of professions that would mesh with and benefit from coworking space.

Tech companies are the hot item coming out of incubators in the past decade. Take for example the legendary Y Combinator incubator in Mountain View, Calif., known for producing Dropbox and Airbnb. 

Companies such as these didn’t need a lot of space for employees when they first started. Essentially all tech companies start with a person and their computer.

Incubators are also capable of housing more traditional professions, such as accountants, real estate agents and attorneys. The latter of these isn’t a new profession on the scene for incubators. In 1998, the City University of New York School of Law’s launched Community Legal Resource Network, aimed at helping graduates connect with underserved populations.

SpringBoard is capable of helping startup companies get their first out-of-the-home working space as well as business services, all shared among the tenants for affordable prices.

Other than some of the professions listed above, SpringBoard can house and foster those in the fields of design, writing, programming, travel, accounting, public relations, just to name a few.

Any job that can be done from home or on the road can be even more successful at SpringBoard, thanks to the reduced cost to tenants of overhead such as office space, internet, copy and print, and access to a conference room with a digital presentation system. 

You don’t have to choose between meeting clients in your living room or paying for overhead your business isn’t ready to support. SpringBoard can also be a place where you take your work for more productivity, and leave at the door at the end of the day.

Are you ready to take the next step and become a member?

Contact Shannon Wright, manager of SpringBoard, to learn more or fill out an application.

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